This anti-aging eye cream gently moisturizes the sensitive skin around the eyes. Potent active agents effectively counter the first signs of aging.

Eye cream science combined with a unique DRHAZI skinidentic, liposome formula of gentle care, Perfect Eye Cream combats droopy eyelids, under-eye creases and sunken eyes with targeted moisturizing and cell strengthening to help strengthen delicate eye contours for a vibrant, youthful look.

Over time, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, the muscle function is weakened, and the skin around the eyes relaxes, leading to the appearance of bags under the eyes. 

The excessive accumulation of water in the eyelid area can lead to eyelid edema, yet eyelift peptides can inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme and enhance the lymph circulation of the eyes, promote water discharge and eliminate edema (bags) and dark circles. What's more, eyelift peptides have another function of promoting the eyelash growth. The epidermis junction is the muscle responsible for fixing the position of the eyelashes, and eyelift peptides can promote normal collagen production and cell proliferation while supporting epidermal junction to help eyelash growth and increase eyebrow volume.

Cornflower water soothes the eyes, valuable nourishing oils replenish the skin, while the Ceramide complex renews the structure of the skin cell matrix. Acmella extract and special biomimetic nanopeptides stimulate the biomechanical function of fibroblasts on the DNA level and help reorganize the skin structure. These entirely safe natural ingredients have an immediate replenishing and regenerating effect.

48 types of intensive rejuvenating active agents, 12 types of nanopeptides

The eye cream is suitable for all skin types. The cream can be used for both day and night care and is also great for those who wear contact lenses.

The cream is made with valuable deuterium depleted water, the best rejuvenating water. Its regular crystal structure ensures the bioavailability of intense active agents and is also involved in cellular skin renewal as it inhibits the proliferation of cells damaged at the DNA level.



Bio Totarol - Provides a chemical-free composition, serving as an organic preservative. Additionally, it excels as a skin disinfectant and a superb antioxidant! It is 3 times more potent than active Vitamin E. A powerful, cellular-level skin rejuvenating ingredient, as it shields skin cells from oxidative stress, neutralizes free radicals that break down skin cells, and restores a healthy skin microbiome flora.






OTHER: Liposome complex - Ceramide complex (Ceramid 3, Ceramid 6, Ceramid 1, Phitosphingosine, Cholesterol) - Lacto Ceramide - L-proline - DRHAZI hydrating complex (Urea, Sodium PCA, 4 types of Hyaluronic acid) - Collagen protein - Stable vitamin C - Ferulic Acid - Vitamin E - Coenzyme Q10 - Allantoin - Bio Totarol

The cream contains a maximum dose of a complex blend of modern (mimic muscle-loosening, collagen-stimulating and skin matrix assembling) nanopeptides active on the cellular level.

Nanopeptide therapy

Nanopeptides consisting of up to 4-5 amino acids extracted from targeted plant sources represent a new age of innovative active agent production. These short plant-based peptides are programming signal molecules which solely effects the function of targeted cells in a precisely determined manner. Thanks to nanotechnology, the molecules are protected from protein degrading enzymes which also enhances the effectiveness of absorption, thus triggering revitalization on the cellular level.

Biotech nanopeptides are selected in globally unique amounts and variations in the DRHAZI Perfect Series. They are *Natural / Derived natural ingredient (ISO 16128). They produce new molecules from plant cell cultures to create its formulas, resulting in little if any negative impact on the environment. All peptides are patented by the manufacturers. Studies were prepared for all peptides that showed their effectiveness and availability. We use special complexes that we consider to be the most effective for a particular purpose. This enhances and accelerates the effect.


  • MIMIC MUSCLE RELAXING NANOPEPTIDE COMPLEX - an effective mixture of 3 nanopeptides, Argirelin®, Syn Ake® Leuphasyl®, which relieves the tension of the mimic muscles, producing an intense anti-wrinkle effect. 

    With 3 different modes of action, the 3 types of peptides synergistically enhance their effects, providing an intense and natural alternative to the anti-wrinkle effect of Botox.

  • SKIN MATRIX BUILDING NANOPEPTIDE COMPLEX - 5 types of nanopeptides, Matrixyl®, Matrixyl 3000®, Matrixyl synthe6'®, Collaxyl®, Syn-Coll®, strengthen the skin and connective tissue support elements, stimulating collagen and elastin production and inspiring cell renewal.
  • ANTI-IRRITATION NANOPEPTIDE COMPLEX - 2 types of nanopeptides, Telangin®, Delisens®, strengthen the skin, enhancing the skin's natural UV protection
  • EYE AREA PEPTIDE COMPLEX - 4  types of nanopeptides, Matrixyl®, Matrixyl 3000®, Eyeseryl®, reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Its decongesting effect counters the appearance of edemas caused by poor lymphatic circulation or high capillary permeability. It inhibits collagen glycation, preventing the loss of elasticity and eyebag formation. Eyeliss®  is an ingredient that targets puffiness and bags under the eyes and also helps reduce dark circles under the eyes by strengthening the capillaries as dark circles are often the result of leaking blood vessels that lose blood, which then accumulates under the eyes, resulting in dark circles and puffiness.


Natural essential oils: Damask Rose Oil, Palm Rose, Rosewood Oil

Fragrance: natural fragrance, natural rose scent

Packaging: 15 ml airtight system - the innovative airless dispenser provides air-tight containment for the product, thus extending its shelf life. The system allows users to completely empty the contents and does not pose a threat to aquatic organisms.