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Our treatment series and top active ingredients are just a single step towards achieving a lovely complexion. However, the best results can be achieved by learning how to make the most of these treasures. A few good tips, methods and suggestions can help you make the most of your beauty care routine.

Skin normalization

Apart from cleansing the skin, minor deviations must also be treated at once. First of all, check to see how rough your skin is. Does the increased keratin production make the skin tighter in intense cold or hot weather? These should be treated at once. A milder peeling in the summer and a more intensive peeling or scrub in the winter can do wonders. It’s also important to examine the pores, and if you are prone to T-zone problems, then try gently cleansing the pores after washing the face at night. Apart from using natural cosmetics, this is a very simple way to ensure that your skin is always immaculate.

Let's give good blood circulation and nutrients to our face!

A few minutes of deep muscle treatment every morning can do wonders with your face. Your face will be grateful for treating the key zones and focal areas. Make sure to always progress from the bottom up and to feel for the bones with the fingers in order to ensure real deep muscle treatment instead of merely stretching the skin. Regular muscle treatments can ensure that the face will stay beautiful for decades and don’t forget, active ingredients have a more intensive effect on a face with good circulation.

Daily skincare routine

Many people think they have no time to use more than 2 cosmetics. However, if the morning holistic facial treatment becomes a routine, it only takes 10 minutes, including brushing your teeth – this includes the deep muscle treatment, serum, cream and primer. I also manage to comb my hair, because I am always running short on time. More importantly, no toxins are applied on your skin, only precious, valuable active ingredients!

Evening skincare routine

The night-time routine is similar to the morning routine. The few minute-long deep muscle treatment can come in handy, which is also a great way of relieving stress. Deeper treatments can be introduced at this point, including few minute-long cleansing sessions, or even a peeling or scrub with a few minutes of rest. If you have no time for this, the evening oleogel can do wonders with a little deep muscle treatment. Don’t forget that the most important goal of the night-time treatment is to boost the deep layer tissues, which should be made flexible while hydrating the face. Try avoiding the use of creams with emulsifiers and instead apply a combination of toning milk and oleogel.