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Unique holistic anti aging facial treatments with DRHAZI bio facelift® manual therapy

The complex beautifying concept of DRHAZI strives for completeness while caring for the skin. We provide for the restoration of mimic muscles, the fortification of the connective tissue, the instant boosting of the skin and the improvement of facial contours. 

The youthfulness of the face is ensured by the healthy unity of facial muscles, connective tissue and facial skin. Holistic facial rejuvenation aims to restore this unity. It provides a natural alternative to achieve lasting results in facial rejuvenation without surgical procedures. Once the facial muscles are stronger and more toned, they will have an intensive posture that resists gravity. It’s the perfect solution if you’d like to rejuvenate your face with natural, yet effective means. Even a single occasion can have a spectacular effect, whilst its cure-like application can achieve lasting results.


DRHAZI Organic Facial Reconstruction®

The patented DRHAZI method for regenerating atrophied facial muscles. First, we mobilize the atrophied muscles clinging to the bones, eliminating facial vein thrombosis, providing the tissues with an inner source of oxygen and nutrients. 

The method takes the face’s meridians into consideration, easing up energetic lesions with acupressure motions before reinvigorating the tissues of the face with tapping motions.




Unique holistic anti aging body treatments with DRHAZI manual therapy

Our body treatments and massages include a customized range of products, skinidentical active ingredients, high-tech signal peptides, aromatherapy oils and special manual therapy techniques that best suit your skincare needs and sense of wellbeing.


  Unique hightech natural hair growth therapies with Signal petides, Crystals and manual therapy

DRHAZI goes beyond beauty care to offer medicosmetic treatments.

Our developments combine energetic treatments with manual therapy massage techniques and innovative cellular-level biotech active ingredients to ensure the most intensive, healthy effect. They best suit your skincare needs and sense of wellbeing. 

We apply a selection of high-tech products specifically developed to support the health of the scalp, including skinidentic active ingredients, high-tech nanopeptides, crystal colloids and aromatherapy oils to loosen the muscles, renew the structure and restore the functionality of the skin as the prerequisite for a wrinkle-free face and healthy skin. Apart from the regeneration of the skin, the purpose of the treatment is the enrichment of the hair and the full-scale renewal of the scalp.