The daily routine of DRHAZI

We are all different and have various lifestyles to help achieve our own state of beauty. Still, my experience shows that we require positive examples and reinforcement. People often ask me: What makes your face so pretty? This pleases me, because I think it could be much prettier if I cared for it more. I know that I aim for too much and I often can’t accomplish what I set out to do and finally end up devoting the least amount of time to myself. For years now, I have been trying to live a simpler life. I am slowly catching up to myself and now that I’m approaching 50, I feel prettier every day. I hope the effective tools I have created will support your goals as well.

Morning routine

I usually get up early – I am already up at 6. I start by brushing my teeth and every morning I prepare a cup of tea (mate, tulsi and sometimes green tea, which is enough to get me going...) followed by 5 minutes of peace and quiet while I drink my cup of tea. I then water the plants and do some active cleaning for about half an hour to get my muscles warmed up and then I perform a 15-minute workout. This is followed by a cold shower and some deep muscle massage. This focuses on my face as well as the thighs and buttocks, as these are the most vulnerable areas for me. Due to my age, I use the Venus cream gel as a body lotion combined with the Sensual renewal oil. I apply a combination of a serum and cream on my face. I am usually all dressed up and ready for work by eight! Let’s get going!

Morning routine extra on weekends

I have a more relaxed routine on the weekends. That’s when I do my major cleansing routines. If I time things right, I can devote up to 2-3 hours to myself. Hair removal, more intensive facials, longer yoga sessions and if the weather is nice, even some sunbathing with UV10++ oil to make sure I stay protected while also ending up with lovely tan skin, - combined with thorough facial / body massage - I am prone to T-zone issues, so I use the Sensitive massage oil, but if you’re luckier than me, than you can use the more intensive Anti-age oil serum. I love creamy facial masks that quickly smooth and boost my facial skin. My favorite is the Hydrating Cream Mask and I always make sure to back it up with plenty of liposome serums!

What should you do as a routine to get in your best shape?

1. Everyday active exercise, even for 10 minutes! – this is the best detoxifying and rejuvenating method for the body.

2. Massage your body, neck and face every day! – this is even more effective when performed after a workout.

3. Eat a big helping of fresh fruit or vegetables at least once a day – this can include freshly squeezed juice, which allows providing the most for your needs.

4. Spend at least 10 minutes outdoor every day in the fresh air – this energizes and revitalizes the body, making your face livelier.