BODY ANTI AGE - weekly routine of luxury body rejuvenating

Weekly routine for an extra effect

All parts of the body require super-intensive active ingredients and as usual, the more useful, healthy ingredients the skin is supplied with, the healthier and more youthful its function will be. The more efforts you make to avoid toxins harmful to the skin, the more radiantly beautiful your skin will be. 

If you’re looking for something better than everyday care and aim at preserving the youthfulness of your skin or if you wish to restore existing blemishes, you can do so with the use of high-tech active ingredient cosmetics. 100% precious ingredients that are integrated into and become skin.

According to the DRHAZI approach, not only do we protect and boost the deeper layers of the skin, we also aim for a stronger connective tissue and muscles with intensive active ingredients in order to retain the lively, vital state of the tissues for as long as possible.

Let's renew the skin!

Our skin requires renewal on a weekly basis in order to stay fresh and soft and an effective, stirring, scrub is indispensible for your beauty ritual. This has multiple purposes. It helps remove keratinous epidermis in a natural, yet gentle way, while also being filled with stirring, circulation-enhancing, skin nourishing and rejuvenating active ingredients. These refresh, enliven and rejuvenate the skin to make sure the skin is radiant and soft as the skin of a baby

Blood circulation at a high level

Most people have tight muscles, which hinders their supply of blood and leads to a stiff fascia matrix. This is the reason why small dimples or fat deposits appear on the buttocks, thighs and upper arms. This can be countered with intensive active ingredients. It’s important to stimulate circulation, reinforce the connective tissues and effectively burn and degrade unnecessary fat. The turbo high-tech natural body butter is the perfect solution for this.

Neck and décolleté rejuvenation

Thanks to its cream-like substance, this treasure is quickly absorbed and integrated into the skin, providing rich nourishment for areas requiring vigorous care. The product is based on rose water made with 30% jojoba oil and deuterium-depleted water, supplemented by 30% gold colloidal crystal. Its aromatherapy effect is provided by Damask rose and lavender, which beautifies the skin, while also fortifying and protecting the heart and throat chakra, providing a truly holistic effect.

Body rejuvenation at the highest level

Luxury skincare is about more than just hydrating the skin. The reinforcement of the connective tissue matrix keeps the skin flexible, while establishing the foundation for the beauty of the skin and ensuring the supply of nutrients for the tissues. Nanopeptides guarantee the renewal of the skin cells in order to make sure that the skin would be flexible and free of wrinkles. Crystal colloids serve as catalysts in boosting the effect of active ingredients, while also functioning as agents of intensive cellular renewal.