DRHAZI Hightech Natural Cosmetics

The DRHAZI® luxury brand is the cosmetics of the future.

DRHAZI is a European cosmetic goods development and manufacturing private limited company, based in Budapest, supported by decades of research. Since the very beginning, the luxury cosmetics brand of medical aesthetic products has been focused on the development of highly efficient, high-end products.

The founder, research and development originator of the formulas is Dr. Edina Hazi, pharmacist, economist and alternative therapist. Her uncompromised approach and persistence has led to the creation of globally unique formulas.


The high-tech formulas contained in our bottles with 100% active agent content are carefully balanced combinations of liquid beauty, efficient innovation and luxury pampering. Our formulas are 100% natural cosmetics that bring together the power of organic and skinidentical active agents and the latest high-tech biotechnological devices. Our goal is to create holistically efficient formulas that renew and regenerate the tissues of the entire facial area.

Her enduring research and development has led to the creation of the brand’s secret recipe, which is based on the synergistic combination of high-tech and natural ingredients based on the unique complexes of the latest nanopeptides and colloidal crystal therapy, harnessing the wonderful properties of precious metals to achieve efficient anti-aging results.

Bioactive Totarol helps ensure the 100% natural composition of the base formulas, while also establishing the skin’s perfect microbiome as well as providing cellular-level antioxidant support and DNA protection. As a DNA-level anti-aging active agent, hungarian world-patented deuterium-reduced water serves as the basis for establishing the highest level of efficiency. 

These marvelous active agent combinations and the beauty routines and luxury treatments based on their use focus on the skin along with the matrix of connective tissue supporting it as well as with the system of mimic muscles, triggering regenerative and rejuvenating processes.

The 100% active agent content of our products is not just a catchphrase. We have established a new segment of products that transcends the skin renewal properties of conventional cosmetics. As a result of this, our medicosmetics collection with 100% active agent content offer a non-invasive, efficient, natural alternative to plastic surgical interventions.