Weekly routine for an extra effect

Just as in the case of healthy lifestyles, when it comes to facial care its worth providing for extra care and additional effects from time to time.

As usual, the more useful, healthy ingredients the skin is supplied with, the healthier and more youthful its function will be. The more you strive to avoid toxins harmful to the skin, the more radiantly beautiful your skin will be.

Turbo boosting once a week is a boon for the skin, but the Rapid facial rejuvenation ritual is also great for special occasions.

Refresh the skin!

In all cases, the first step of intensive facial rejuvenation is intensive skin renewal. Thanks to its enzyme content and powerful organic fruit acids, the Intensive AHA Peeling renews the skin, removing keratinous epidermis and vigorously inspiring skin renewal. This ensures the best possible bio-utilization of the intensive active agents used in the next step.

Real facelift effect at home!

Boost the deeper layers of the skin with Active Crystal Anti Age Rejuvenating Serum is a cosmetic active ingredient that mimics the effect of surgical boosting and lifting treatments as it was designed to mitigate the signs of the skin’s structural aging while boosting its density. This innovative active ingredient has a skin boosting-like effect, lifting the fat tissue mass with a non-invasive method.

Deep, lasting effect

The Anti Age Hydrating Mask has an intensive, shockwave therapy-like deep-lying effect. This means that the mask multiplies the integration of the applied active agents, resulting in a lasting, deep-lying effect. This way, the 1% 4 level turbo boosting hyaluronic acid gel and the blend of 14 types of skin boosting and the mimic muscle-loosening peptide complex complements the effect. The face is boosted and rejuvenated.

Instant anti-wrinkle

A rapid-response boosting serum that forms an invisible film on the skin surface that intensively smoothes wrinkles. The express active ingredient is an innovative component – the manufacturer’s in-vivo tests show that the tightening effect of the extract takes place with 1-5 minutes from its application and lasts for nearly 6 hours. Its effect is boosted by 4 levels of hyaluronic acid that internally boosts wrinkles and lessens their depth. The organic liposome composition facilitates the absorption of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the skin, restricting the aging of the skin tissue and restoring the cohesion of skin cells, thus preventing the sagging of the skin.