Skinidentical structure + Herbs and aromatherapy

Natural exfoliants, skin regenerators

100% natural BIO AHA acid, enzymes and mechanical peelings for perfect, effective yet still safe peeling and skin renewal. 


Exfoliants are a key component of conscious skincare routines, allowing you to renew the skin while providing specialized aid for skin conditions as well as offering a chance to increase your savings as their regular use allows active ingredients to have a far great effect on the skin.


You can choose the right one for your needs according to their intensity. When combined with peeling, you can even achieve skin abrasion equal to crystal microdermabrasion.


Intensive complex peeling of 10% BIO AHA, 3% natural salicylic acid and pineapple enzyme. It has an intense skin rejuvenating effect, inspires skin regeneration and collagen production, as well as cleanses the pores and helps the intensive integrate of valuable active ingredients.

100 ml
209 USD

DRHAZI rejuvenating sculp peeling is anti-aging treatment with a means of exfoliation (scalp scrub) for every scalp type. The treatment ensures the regeneration and revitalization of the scalp. The active ingredients help to remove sebum, accumulated impurities and residue that clogs the hair follicles to keep them in good condition. Cell regeneration of the scalp is accelerated. It prepares the scalp for effective absorption of rejuvenating active ingredients.