Daily luxury facial rejuvenation routine 35+

If you want to provide your skin with the very best to preserve the youthfulness of your skin or restore existing wrinkles and weak tissues and you’re looking for an intensive, rapid effect, try using our luxury high-tech active ingredient cosmetics!

According to the DRHAZI approach, we hydrate and protect the facial skin during the day, followed by boosting the deeper layers of the skin at night. We recommend using oleogel overnight with toning milk without applying any cream emulsifier, which intensively boosts the dermis layer of the skin to guarantee there would be no deep-lying dehydration in the skin tissue.

Pure skin is the first step

When looking for the best, most intensive form of facial rejuvenation, it’s important to prepare the skin for the admission of active ingredients.

Facial skin should be cleaned in the morning and evening. Detoxifying processes take place in the body over night and by the morning, the pores can be filled with discharged excreta. Even when you’re not applying makeup, microscopic impurities from the air and environment can cling to the pores overnight. In fact, the freshly keratinous epidermis must also be removed from the facial skin.

Washing your face with water is not enough. It’s important to use surfactants as the toxins and impurities bound to the sebum are not removed with clean water or toners. However, the type of surfactant you use is also of great significance. Natural, fine, hydrating surfactants enriched with rejuvenating active ingredients are a good choice.

Valuable luxury serums

Luxury serums have the highest active ingredient content and thanks to their small molecular size, they can easily penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. These precious active ingredients provide a more lasting effect when they have an organic liposome composition.

A single drop of serum is enough to ensure that you did the utmost for the beauty of your skin. They contain a high concentration of intensive active ingredients, providing exactly what the skin needs.

High-tech serums tighten, boost, regenerate and renew the skin. Thanks to their 100% active ingredient content they are integrated into the tissues as liquid skin.

Face cream 35+ that becomes skin

Instead of covering up the symptoms, luxury face cream regenerates the full depth of the facial tissues, regenerating the face and filling it with vitality. That’s why it’s worth choosing a luxury face cream that loosens and structures the deep muscles, while regenerating the connective tissue, rebuilding the fascia network and providing a complex solution for cellular-level skin regeneration. That is precisely what the luxury high-tech active ingredient cream was developed for. The skinidentic formula is easily integrated into the deeper layers of the skin, while high-tech signal peptides provide for the intensive and rapid regeneration of the tissues while the crystal colloids consisting of atomized precious metals intensify this effect as a turbo booster.

The multi-purpose formula lends vigor with 15 types of signal peptides for intensive cellular renewal, 6 types of crystal colloids to enhance the rejuvenating effect, 5 sources of superb antioxidants for the protection of the skin, 13 ingredients for rich hydration, 22 ingredients for smoothing and softening the texture of the skin and 62 ingredients to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Luxury night-time boosting

Applying the night-time boosting program ensures that there’s no need for using great amounts of serum and cream during the day for hydration and boosting purposes. Instead, a single drop of cream filled with cellular level active ingredients is enough for the whole face. This way, the proper use of a treatment series is sufficient for 2-3 months.

1. Toning milk – The 1st step in boosting the dermis

The toning milk boosted with intensive active ingredients is filled with water-soluble active ingredients required by the skin. Apply it directly on the facial skin to ensure the intensive effect of its precious rejuvenating essences.

2. Oleogel - The 2nd step in boosting the dermis

Apply it on the facial skin moistened with toning milk to ensure that the fat soluble active ingredients of the skinidentic oil composition are integrated into the facial structure with the highest possible efficiency, thus providing for the hydration of the face, while lending it new volume and making the tissues flexible and fully boosted.

Eye area rejuvenation 35+

The fine skin around the eyes is the most delicate part of the face. Its epithelial layer is four times thinner and more exposed to aging than other parts of the face. A luxury under-eye cream is richer than a luxury face cream, yet has a higher active ingredient content with a stronger anti-wrinkle effect, targeting sagging skin as well as bags under the eyes in order to restore a tight, youthful appearance.

The luxury high-tech cream provides instantly tangible and visible results against the loss of tightness and flexibility while countering fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin. It’s worth applying the cream at night, ensuring a lovely, radiant gaze by the morning.

This multi-purpose formula contains 22 sources of nutrients to boost and tightening the skin, 11 sources against bloating, 44 sources to minimize the appearance of wrinkles as well as 13 sources of vitamins and minerals.