Men's luxury face rejuvenation daily routine 35+

If you want to provide your skin with the very best of care and preserve the youthfulness of your skin or restore existing wrinkles and weak tissues and you’re looking for an intensive and rapid effect, our luxury high-tech active ingredient cosmetics are just what you are looking for.

The DRHAZI concept is about renewing the face at the deep tissue levels. The high-tech active ingredients used to structure 100% active ingredients cosmetics help loosen the mimic muscles, enhance the flexibility of the connective tissue and rejuvenate the skin cells. 

Luxury facial cleansing

When looking for the best, most intensive form of facial rejuvenation, it’s important to prepare the skin for the admission of active ingredients. The pre-shave hydrating facial cleansers penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, thoroughly cleansing even deep deposits of impurities brought on by environmental effects. Its deep cleansing effect helps the healing active ingredients enter the deeper layers of the skin. Its active ingredient complex stabilizes the pH of the skin and hydrates the deeper layers.

Luxury shaving

When it comes to luxury, it’s not enough if a shaving cream doesn’t dry and irritate the skin. The high-tech natural principle is to soften, boost and rejuvenate the skin even when shaving. To this end, the 100% natural shaving cream gel protects the skin from irritation and the damage caused by shaving, while supplying it with vitamins, antioxidants and skin rejuvenating active ingredients. It softens and lifts the hairs to allow for a cleaner shave. In fact, its hair growth-inhibiting active ingredient – chelidonine – reduces the need for frequent shaving.

Luxury facial rejuvenation during the day

Facial lotion – A crystal colloid rejuvenating essence with soothing, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory active ingredients that provide for the care of the micro-abrasions caused by shaving. This also helps restore the skin’s natural Ph value after shaving. Its plant-based essence protects and deeply hydrates the skin.

Serum - Provides the perfect solution for achieving a rapid and spectacular anti-aging effect. 100% precious active agents in a bottle. The maximum dosage of 6 different types of crystal colloids and 16 different nanopeptides has an immediate lifting and wrinkle-removal effect – these are biotechnological, pharmaceutical-grade, plant-based ingredients that rebuild the cellular matrix, stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the cells. 

Luxury charging at night

For the face – the 100% skinidentic, luxury, high-tech hydrating cream specifically developed for men is suitable for boosting and rejuvenating all skin types. Its active ingredients provide the perfect solution for achieving a rapid and spectacular anti-aging effect. The power of 6 different types of crystal colloids and 16 types of signal peptides intensively regenerates the tissues while visibly boosting and smoothing the surface of the skin. 

Extra – Eye-refreshing signal peptides inhibit the angiotension-converting enzyme and enhance the function of the lymphatic system around the eyes, facilitating the draining of water and eliminate edema (bags) and dark circles under the eyes, thus supporting the youthful appearance of the face.