Luxury women skin rejuvenation with nanopeptids and crystals Perfect Beauty Oleogel

BIO 62%

Hightech 5%
Natural 100%

Our cosmetics and skin care products are 100% natural, healthy and exceptional quality. Instead, we use valuable natural raw materials with excellent bioavailability. Therefore, our products are suitable for all skin types and are suitable by their pure natural ingredients also for vegetarians and vegans.

Through the selected DRHAZI Natural process® our products are manufactured particularly friendly and sustainable. Unlike manufactured at Industriel cosmetics and toiletries, this may mean that there are some changes in color, smell or consistency of the products. This is a natural process through the use of natural ingredients - opened products should be consumed about three months after opening.
Sustainability, also in product design:
Through our low-oxygen filling and a carefully selected package of conservation effort is kept very low. All contents are filled into pre-sterilized container quality and, thus are DRHAZI products free from germs, chemicals and synthetic preservatives. The "airless system", that is, the separation of packaged goods and ambient air, also ensures a germ-free and oxygen-protected storage - prior to first use it is necessary to pump the care product.

Storage & shelf life:
To ensure the consistency of natural products as well as a good application use, cosmetics and toiletries DRHAZI from excessively high temperatures or cold should be protected. Optimal storage is ensured at a temperature of 15-20 degrees.

Further information:
Inform yourself about the effect instance and preservation of produce, as well as the synthetic active ingredients and toxins in conventional cosmetics here.



  • Organic Jojoba oil
  • Squalane
  • Organic Argan oil
  • Raspberry seed oil
  • Bio Rosehip seed oil
  • Bio Pomegranate seed oil
  • Organic Rice bran oil
  • Liposome Complex
  • Acmella extract
  • Gotu kola extract
  • Organic Green tea leaf extract
  • Rose of Jerico extract
  • CoQ10
  • Retinol - Vitamin A
  • Ceramid complex
  • Vitamin C water soluble
  • Vitamin E
  • Rose oil
  • Organic Palmarosa oil
  • Rosewood oil
  • Organic Totarol
Spilanthol, the active isolated from Acmella oleracea, is a fast-working myorelaxant. Although its action mechanism is not yet known, Spilanthol has shown a fast-working and progressive myorelaxant ability, even at low concentrations. Pomegranate oil is a super-anti-oxidant with astringent and anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties. It is a great addition to the skincare world for its ability to fight free-radicals and thus the signs of aging. It has also been found to hydrate skin when applies topically. Composed of many powerful antioxidant such as Retinol or vitamin A which help delay the effects of skin aging and also assists with cell regeneration; and promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase. Linoleic acid or Omega 6 oil, Oleic acid or Omega 9 fatty acid, Lycopene, Beta-carotene, pro-vitamin A and Vitamin C all of these and more have remarkable skin rejuvenating properties which are very effective against skin pigmentation and aging wrinkles especially formed from sun damage. Vegetable-derived lipid concentrate shown to alter protective barrier function of the skin and scalp protection. Consists of a multi-lamellar system with ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids & phytosphingosine that resembles the structure of the lipid barrier the skin. Shown to incorporate ceramides (skin-identical lipids) into skin and can thereby restore barrier function of skin. Deeply moisturizes skin and increases bioavailability of ceramide VI by more than 38 %. Antioxidant actions that neutralize free radicals, assists in the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to optimize energy components of the cell, significantly reduces wrinkles. Antioxidant, improves collagen content, renews collagen related to weakened connective tissues, prevents scar tissue formation by slowing down excessive collagen production at wound sites, stimulates circulation and the oxygenation of skin tissues. It is a semi-solid liposome gel which can be loaded by a simple action with drugs. The liposomes are multi-lamellar and have a particle size of approximately 200 nm. It provides for an excellent transport system for active substances is, on the other it merges after release of the drug with the skin lipids and thus reintegrated into the skin's metabolism. Argan Oil comes from the seeds of the Argan tree, endemic to south-western Morocco. The oil, known worldwide for its health & cosmetic benefits, provides healing, moisturizing, regeneration, and anti-inflammatory agents. The oil is extremely beneficial for hair care and provides remarkable shine to dull hair restores damaged hair and can prevent split ends. Green Tea extract contains a unique cocktail of powerful antioxidants called catechins, which help fight damage caused by free radicals. Its anti-inflammatory properties in some cases can even neutralize the damage done by exposure sun. Moreover, green tea extract has qualities that can rejuvenate old skin cells, promote skin regeneration, and even wound healing. It’s known for treating skin problems including treatment of aphthous ulcers, psoriasis, rosacea, and actinic keratosis. It is very gentle and so it suits all types of skin even the most sensitive. It can effectively penetrate the skin easily to improve flexibility and elasticity. Jojoba Oil few of many qualities for skin are reducing wrinklesand lightening skin marks, scars and stretch marks. For actual skin ailments such as acne, inflammation of the skin, Jojoba oil is very useful because it balances properties of the skin and moisturizes it naturally with its sebum oil which is identical to sebum oil produced by human skin. Balances hydration levels and moisturizes the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles. Keeps skin elastic and supple by stimulating cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Also balances production of sebum while aiding with broken veins, acne, dermatitis and prevents scar formation. The rice oil interests oil composition, combines phytosterols, carotenoids, ferolic acid in the oryzanol. Exceptionally good anti-oxidant and regenerating. Well penetrates the skin. Provides preservative actions while acting as a gentle and non-irritating anti-bacterial ingredient in both gram positive and negative bacteria (proprionumbacterium acne is particularly sensitive to this extract), anti-viral, antioxidant, effectively reduces acne disturbances. 
 Soothes skin irritations, slightly astringent, reduces inflammation to relieve discomfort, antioxidant, broad spectrum sun protection. Retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) is the normal form used for application on the skin and has great anti-ageing, superb anti-oxidant and moisturizing capabilities. It accelerates cell renewal and stimulates the fibroblast and collagen in the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Due to its anti-oxidant properties, it is also a great anti-aging ingredient, and helps promote a softer smoother skin. Skin protective agent against UV radiation included. An essential oil that heals and prevents viral infections, it is excellent for damaged skin of any skin type. The water binding capacity rose improve skin hydration. Regeneration and skin elasticity Rosewood oil is a superior cell stimulant and tissue generator, causing rejuvenation of the skin. Squalane is widely used for its hydrating properties. It is said to boost the skins ability to heal and regenerate on its own. It is said to be great for conditions such as eczema, rashes, etc. It has antibacterial properties that prevents dry cracked skin from getting infected and has been found to help prevent dark spots because of sun radiation. Water soluble and stable Vitamin C, antioxidant, strengthens collagen, assists in brightening, provide’s anti-wrinkle effects / smoothes skin texture, heals wounds, and prevents scarring. 17% Because of its ability to quench free radicals the term “protector” has been used to describe the actions of vitamin E. Studies have shown that vitamin E reduces UV-induced erythema, edema, sunburn cell formation, and lipid peroxidation. Clinical improvement in the visible signs of skin aging has been documented with significant decrease in skin wrinkling. This may be also due to the excellent moisturizing effect of vitamin E.


  1. Truly natural and/or organic cosmetics, meet ECOCERT Organic and Nature of requirements.
  2. We use solvent and pollution-free, cold-pressed vegetable oils
  3. Free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives
  4. Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEG's
  5. Dermatologically tested for compatibility
  6. Recovered raw materials, whenever possible from controlled- organic farming and under fair conditions


Luxury women skin rejuvenation with nanopeptids and crystals

Perfect Beauty Oleogel

Luxury women skin rejuvenation with nanopeptids and crystals Perfect Beauty Oleogel
30 ml 314 USD
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In the world-unique PERFECT BEAUTY formulations of the 100% natural DRHAZI medicosmetic, the INNOVATIVE Acitve agents are complemented by CRYSTAL THERAPY.

The Oleogel is a luxurious intensive skin-rejuvenating  gel. The skinidentical active components satisfy the highest beautifying effect. It is rich in concentrated Oleo-gel active agents which  nourish and replenish the dermis of the facial skin. This gel does not clog the pores due to it's composition of oils being non-comedogenic.

A luxuriously intensive skin-rejuvenating oleogel. Its composition identical to the skin satisfies even the greatest demands. Rich in active agents, the nourishing, concentrated oleogel helps replenish the dermis of the skin. It provides a replenished, smooth facial skin surface without clogging the pores as its composition of oils is non-comedogenic. The safe natural ingredients ensure an instant, regenerative effect.

A fundamental demand of luxury skin-identical cosmetics is to have a high quality and ratio of active agents and vitamins that build up the skin, with a proportion that’s optimal to the skin. Furthermore, it’s indispensable for the oil composition of the oleogel to be compatible with the facial skin’s own sebum composition. 

Containing all the fat-soluble active agents of the cream that have an intensive dermis-structuring effect.

Based on the DRHAZI concept, the skin is hydrated during the day, providing protection for the facial skin, whilst filling the deeper layers of the skin overnight. We recommend a nighttime oleogel with toning milk, ensuring that the cream emulsifier is not applied on the skin, despite a skin-identical composition. This fills up the dermis layers of the skin, eliminating deep layer dehydration. We also utilize an intensive serum, which acts as a kind of liquid skin that contains structuring active agent ingredients used both night and day. 

100% natural treasure for skin care, thanks to the incredible powers of nature. 

Every type of skin rejuvenation care is excellent.


  • Squalane - smoothes the skin, leaving it soft and supple
  • Organic Jojoba oil - provides protection against UV rays, it keeps our skin particularly soft
  • Organic Argan oil - protects the skin from drying out, stimulates cell regeneration and soothes irritated skin
  • Organic Pomegranate seed oil - improves skin elasticity and reduces the dehydration of skin
  • Organic Rice bran oil - creates a soft, silky feel
  • Organic Rosehip seed oil - strengthens the cell membranes and the skin's elasticity




Ceramid complex - Acmella extract - Tiger Grass extract – Green tea extract - Jericho rose extract - Coenzym Q10 - Vitamin E - Vitamin C Stable - Bio Totarol 

Crystal Therapy: 

The colloidal dissolution of metals is use to prepare organic colloid crystal active agents, which are capable of energizing, vitalizing and normalizing the function of cells on a cellular level. Dissolved on the atomic level, metals are water soluble and maintain a stable dissolved state. As they are not ionized and create no salts, they’re capable of establishing special crystal structures with the water. The specialty of true colloids lies in that 100% of metals, in the form of metallic particles, have a size that allows them to take part in cellular metabolism, enzymatic processes or even on the level of DNA. SILVER - GOLD - PLATINUM - IRIDIUM - COPPER - SILICA 

  • SILVER CRYSTAL - The silver solution of colloidal nano is dark eggplant in color, excellent for cleansing the skin at the cellular level, normalizing microorganisms.
  • GOLD CRYSTAL - The colloidal gold solution is ruby ​​red in color. Gold has been the epitome of precious metal for millennia. Regardless of its symbolic significance, it has now become one of the favorite materials of scientists due to its special properties at the nanoscale. Of great importance is that the nanoparticles of gold are circular, star, hexagonal, etc. depending on their shape, they are able to bind to different types of cells, and their shape can be controlled by the DNA-encoded sequence of the amino acids to which they are associated, so that it has an intense effect when combined with nanopeptides. It makes the skin vibrant, radiantly radiant and firm.

Gold colloid should not be confused with ionic gold. Ionic gold is a gold salt, most commonly gold chloride, dissolved in water. It is easy to distinguish because its color is similar to pure water and is very harmful to health. Ionic gold is neurotoxic, meaning it causes peripheral neuropathy that is toxic to neurons.

  • PLATINUM CRYSTAL - The colloidal platinum solution is silvery in color, supports DNA regeneration, strengthens and rejuvenates the facial skin.
  • IRIDIUM CRYSTAL - Iridium is an element of the six platinum groups, one of the rarest elements on earth. The biological values ​​of iridium and other platinum elements are just beginning to be recognized, and “superconductors” seem to be playing an increasingly important role in health-conscious life. Recent research suggests that the forms of iridium and twin rhodium account for at least 5% of the dry body weight of the brain. Iridium promotes better cellular metabolism. It is thought to increase electrical transmission through the synapses in the brain. It improves memory, increases mental alertness and promotes overall regeneration of neurological tissues. Colloidal iridium promotes cellular metabolism, tissue regeneration, and rejuvenates cells.
  • SILICON CRYSTAL - Colloidal silicon plays a vital role in skin metabolism, stimulates collagen and elastin production, reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates and strengthens connective tissue integrity.
  • COPPER CRYSTAL - Strengthens the skin, is an excellent antioxidant, immune booster and also catalyzes the production of energy by cells because it promotes the activity of many enzymes. Such is the lysyl oxidase, which is responsible for the crosslinking of collagen and elastin, which are essential for the formation of strong and elastic connective tissue.
  • You crave a skin-filling serum rich in nutrients and maximum active ingredients
  • You want your facial skin to be permanently supple
  • You want to use the rejuvenating effect of light-sensitizing vitamin A, which we need to avoid during the day
  • Your goal is to smooth the facial skin and increase its elasticity


Use: Every evening use after preliminary cleansing. At first slightly moistened your skin with Toning Milk. After that massage 1 or 2 pump oleogel onto face, neck and décolleté and let it work.

Natural essential oils: Organic Palmarosa oil, Damascus Rose oil, Rosewood oil

Fragrance: natural fragrance, gentle natural scent of Rose

Packaging: 100% protection by airless - System - The innovative airless dispenser includes the product airtight and so prolongs the shelf life. The system allows the complete emptying of the contents. Does not constitute a danger to aquatic organisms.



30 ml 314 USD
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