A luxuriously intensive skin-rejuvenating replenishing body milk. Its composition identical to the skin satisfies even the greatest demands.

An intensive replenishing body milk provides the perfect solution for an instant and spectacular anti-aging effect with ingredients which intensely regenerate the tissues and lend a noticeably smoother surface for the skin. The safe natural ingredients ensure an instant replenishing, regenerative effect.

  • Strengthens the skin
  • Smooths wrinkles, softens 
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity

It is suited for all skin types for treatment rejuvenating.

100% natural treasure for skin care, thanks to the incredible powers of nature.

It is made with an organic plant preservative. Bio Totarol - Preservative, skin disinfectant and super antioxidant! 3X stronger than Active Vitamin E. It is a powerful, cellular skin rejuvenator, it protects skin cells from oxidative stress and eliminates free radicals that are dangerous to skin cells.





Liposome Complex - Bio Totarol  - Collagen Protein - Coffein - DRHAZI Moisturizing complex (Urea, Sodium PCA, Level-4 Hyaluron acid) 


Nanopeptide therapy:

Nanopeptides consisting of up to 4-5 amino acids extracted from targeted plant sources represent a new age of innovative active agent manufacturing. These short plant-based peptides are programming signal molecules which solely effect the function of targeted cells in a precisely determined manner. Thanks to nanotechnology, the molecules are protected from protein degrading enzymes which also make absorption more effective, thus initiating revitalization on the cellular level.

Crystal Therapy: 

The colloidal dissolution of metals is use to prepare organic colloid crystal active agents, which are capable of energizing, vitalizing and normalizing the function of cells on a cellular level. Dissolved on the atomic level, metals are water soluble and maintain a stable dissolved state. As they are not ionized and create no salts, they’re capable of establishing special crystal structures with the water. The specialty of true colloids lies in that 100% of metals, in the form of metallic particles, have a size that allows them to take part in cellular metabolism, enzymatic processes or even on the level of DNA. SILVER - GOLD - PLATINUM - IRIDIUM - COPPER - SILICA 


Natural essential oils:Rose oil, Orange oil, Clary oil, Cinnamon Oil, Ginger oil

Fragrance: natural fragrance, natural scent of roses

Packaging: 200 ml airless system - The innovative airless dispenser includes the product an air-tight, thus extending the shelf life. The system allows the complete emptying of the contents. Does not constitute a danger to aquatic organisms.