DRHAZI Manufactory

"It's very important for us that the things we are dealing with and in which we invest energy is meaningful."

Writer: Beata Toth

We have a talk to Edina over a cup of green tea on a Friday afternoon and it becomes very clear that she would be able to talk about herbs, physical and mental health, harmony and cleanness for hours. Things that define not only the real beauty but her life too.

I try rather carefully to find any sign of make-up on her face but nothing, not even any BB cream or powder.

And when my attempt comes to light she reveals it with a smile "You can not even imagine how much skin problems I used to have." Needless to say that her face is absolutely flawless.


Manufactory in the heart of Pilis - She was led to the world of natural cosmetics through her conscious attitude towards life. She believes that the world and ourselves in it can only have a meaning by applying a sort of holistic view. Edina and her husband established their company in the heart if Pilis in 2010. They produce 100% natural skin care products with high-tech technology in manufactural conditions. "We change the usual process: we do not intend to sell already existing product range but look at what kind of problems people tend to have, what exactly the skin needs and how can we provide gentle yet very effective help.

Trust is our priority - The 100% natural cosmetic products are made with Eco-friendly process. We only use and eat ingredients that are beneficial for our health and because we love nature the range of our products is without any involvement in animal testing.

When we started to discuss the long term goals Edina's eyes were shining even more. She explained to me that there will be permaculture farming applied on the several acres of land that was purchased by themselves. Moreover, there is a strong wish to establish school and workplaces.

Nevertheless, in a confident yet gentle manner she rather keeps aloof when the topic comes to the point of potential investors and applications.


"There have already been some offers from potential investors from other countries, although, their intention along with the investments would also be to make their own decisions. For us, nonetheless, independence is very important. Our aim is to build a contact system that is based on personal trust that is the key for us."


"As long as it's possible we would like to maintain a direct relationship with our costumers in order to avoid increase in the price of our high-tech natural cosmetics by collaborating with retail and wholesale traders."