100% Shopping Guarantee

100% Guarantee - secure shopping concept

As a premium family manufactory which produces no mass-produced goods, we can offer no reasonable sample sizes.

All ingredients of our products are very high quality and very skin friendly. Nevertheless, individual intolerances can never be completely ruled out.


Therefore we offer the following 100% Guarantee Program:

1. Should a DRHAZI product, contrary to expectations for your skin to be incompatible, you can return the product being tested within 14 days of receipt. You will then receive a return Remuneration voucher to the value. Only the resulting postage costs incurred is up to you. The voucher is redeemable within one year. So we assume the entire risk.

So you can enjoy the beneficial effects of our natural cosmetics careless and carefree.


2. We have specially compiled for you test sets for different skin types. The quality DRHAZI cosmetic products you can test for the time being, to experience the excellent tolerability personally. Test the products and convince yourself of the exclusivity of this high-quality face care!