Everyday Anti Aging tips

Everyday Anti Aging tips
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  • establish nutritional windows every day – this means establishing 12-14 hours a day with solely liquid intake and no solids, as this allows triggering the self-digestive autophagy of cells. The lysosomes of the cells produce digestive enzymes, breaking down excreta to its components, which the cells use for regeneration in their resting phase. That’s why it’s so effective to refrain from eating after 6 pm as it allows the cells to regenerate until 8 am in the morning.
  • eliminate refined sugar from your diet (which otherwise causes gylcation, the stickiness of the intestines, protein and even hemoglobin, thus aging the body), as well as milk (according to The China Study, casein or milk protein is one of the most highly carcinogenic substances, therefore it is certain that it intensifies the aging of the body) as well as industrial, chemically-treated gluten (which, when undigested, can hinder the entire immune system and regeneration, aging the body)
  • 1 day of juice-fasting a week has a highly beneficial effect, allowing us to purge the interstitial space and refresh the body. On fasting days, only drink water, herbal tea, broth or fruit juice. 


"Since 2018, scientists have considered the interstitial matrix to be a super-intelligent organ. This part of the body, which was previously deemed to be liquid, is actually a special gel, consisting of a flexible net of elastin and collagen. It plays an important information transfer role in the body and is thought to act like a second nervous system as it has 6 times as many receptors as the nervous system. Additionally, it provides for the flexibility, tightness and beauty of our tissues, which is why we should take good care of it."


  • refreshing and nourishing your intestinal flora can reinforce and beautify the body
  • the whole body will be grateful when supplied with good quality buildings blocks. These include fermented foodstuffs. It’s no coincidence that Kimchi is so popular in Korea as apart from its numerous positive physiological effects, it’s full of vitamins and beneficial nutrients.
  • make sure your diet is rich in antioxidants as these are used by the body to protect itself from the destructive effect of harmful free radicals and they contribute to preserving our vitality.
  • sleep well and consciously - it’s worth going to bed around 10 pm, in order to secure the right amount of beautifying, regenerative sleep. While the body is regenerating, our skin is also in an optimal state to put the cosmetics to good use. Whatever is applied on the face before falling asleep can fill up the skin by the morning.
  • get regular exercise - this helps improve your shape and posture, not to mention that it also plays a key role in reducing stress. Less tension and a lower level of stress hormones and a higher level of resistance can help keep you in good shape.
  • regularly remove dead skin cells, as the skin provides a continuous supply of fresh cells, so peeling is like training the skin. Your skin will be softer, silkier to touch and better at absorbing the creams you use.
  • drink at least 9 glasses of clean and/or energized water a day to provide your body with enough moisture. This has a hydrating effect on all cells, purging, cleansing and detoxifying the body. The water you drink can also provide for the softness of the skin as hyaluronic acid creams can fix additional moisture in the skin.
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