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In most cases, the price of facial care cosmetics is determined by marketing and not their quality. Thus it’s hard to determine whether the beautiful packaging, the advertisement or the premium quality of the product itself is what makes ensures a luxury-category for a brand. 

A fundamental need of demanding women is to use superb facial care products. The basic value of cosmetics is determined by the quality of the ingredients, their purity and the degree of their absorption. This is supplemented by extra active agents which can be used to achieve a more intensive effect.

The purpose of using facial care cosmetics varies from person to person. Some people just wish to provide for the hydration of their facial skin in order to balance the drying effect of their surroundings. Others seek to protect and nourish their facial skin while yet others expect a quality facial cream to provide a major cellular regeneration and rejuvenating effect. Perhaps what’s most important is to be aware of what we wish to achieve by using a particular best facial cream and thus choose the appropriate brand of cosmetics.


Basic Skincare Cosmetics

The task of facial care cosmetics is to replenish the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, reinforcing its protective quality and providing light protection. A fundamental demand for best facial creams of this nature is that they consist of pure, chemical-free ingredients which have a beneficial effect. Generally speaking, they are a blend of a quality base-oil, skin-friendly emulsifier, water and 2-3% active agents, such as an optimal blend of vitamins, plant extracts, light protection agents and fragrances. They are generally scented by perfumes, or natural perfumes or essential oils in the case of more demanding manufacturers. Their production costs are highly favorable and even in the case of the highest quality ingredients, their price only amounts to two-digit figures. 

However, even natural skincare facial creams can be luxury-quality products. Simple facial creams feature low-priced oils as their base oil, such as sunflower oil, olive oil or shea butter. Precious, more highly-priced base oils, such as jojoba, macadamia, rice, argan or primrose oil, are used for luxury facial creams. As their liquid element, simple cosmetics merely contain water or precious floral water or even deuterium-reduced water in the case of luxury cosmetic products. Basic luxury skincare cosmetics can have an active agent content of up to 10-20%, including vitamins, antioxidants or plant extracts and essential oils. Their production costs are 4 or 5 times higher than average cosmetics.



Active Agent Cosmetics

Nowadays, active agent cosmetics represent the peak of facial care. Thanks to technological development, the expansion of our knowledge base and increased creativity, a number of active agents were created that can be incorporated in facial care cosmetics. These active agents are capable of regenerating the skin structure, as well as restoring and stimulating skin functions. Their effect is based on the fact that they are capable of having a positive effect on the structure and function of the skin’s structure on the cellular level. They allow for establishing a healthy, optimal skin structure and providing beautiful, radiant skin. They are based on skin-identical cosmetics which are the foundation of modern high-tech active agents that can boost the effectiveness of cosmetics.



Skin-Identical Cosmetics

Familiarizing the molecular structure of the skin helped create skin-identical cosmetics which contain an optimal amount of the skin’s structural elements that are required by, absorbed into and finally, becoming a part of skin.

The fat component of healthy skin found in nature chemically consists of the following molecules: triglycerides, fatty acid esters, fatty acids, squalene, diglycerides, cholesterol esters, cholesterol, ceramide and phosphatidylcholine – in an optimal ratio. The water part of the hydro-lipid film layer consists of a protective acid layer, consisting of lactic acid, free fatty acids, amino acids, pyrrolidone carboxyl acid, hyaluronic acid and urea. The elasticity of healthy skin is ensured by the healthy structure of the dermis. The dermis consist of metabolically neutral cells and multiple layers of intercellular matrix consisting of double-chain lipids. The perimeter layers mainly consist of ceramide, cholesterol and palmitic acid. The skin-identical structure appropriate to the dermis is known as the DMS system (derma membrane structure), which contains ceramide, phytosterols and hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine.

Even in the case of simple cosmetics, manufacturers try to include the most fundamental active agents in the formulas. These include collagen, urea and hyaluronic acid, which are now practically found in all facial care creams.

Luxury is a fundamental demand for natural, skin-identical cosmetics in order to ensure the high quality of necessary active agents with an optimal ratio for the skin. Additionally, it’s indispensable to ensure that the oil composition of the facial cream is structured in a way to make it compatible with the facial skin’s own sebum composition. Naturally in this case as well, whether a facial cream is a simple or luxury product, depends on how valuable the base oils and ingredients are. The production costs of these cosmetics can be two or three times as high as simple luxury cosmetics.

Skin-identical facial care cosmetics can provide the skin with everything it needs and thanks to its use, the skin will visibly and tangibly improve while its protective functions are restored.


Precious, Luxury Active Agents

Apart from skin-identical active agents and a skin-identical structure, the greatest value of active agent cosmetics lies in aromatherapy, nanopeptide and nanocrystal technology. The price of these active agents are incredibly high, yet are capable of greatly enhancing the effectiveness of the product.



Aromatherapy uses pure and natural essential oils to harmonize, reinforce or cure the skin, whilst inhaling essential oils also has an overall positive effect. The conscious use of 100% pure and natural essential oil represent the most valuable plant-based essences. 2-3 percent is used for facial care or 5 percent for general skincare purposes. 



Nanopeptides created for a specific use represent a new age of innovative active agent manufacturing, which often have a surprisingly brief structure and can consist of even 4-5 amino acids. As far as their function is concerned, these short peptides aren’t nutrients, but rather are programming signal molecules which only effect the operation of targeted cells, in precisely the determined manner. The complex use of peptides with an identical function can greatly enhance the effect.

Their main purpose is to regenerate the impairment of DNA sequences, binding with the appropriate receptors of the cells in question, and activating signal chains which can modify the function of the cells. They normalize cellular function, stimulating or inhibiting the function of individual proteins or enzymes, which can thus optimize skin functions.

  • Pigment spot-treating nanopeptides directly normalize the production of tyrosinase enzyme to regulate the optimal production of melanin in the skin. 
  • Anti-inflammatory nanopeptides block the production of inflammatory factors in the skin.
  • Rejuvenating peptides are specifically targeted at the fibers of the dermis, particularly elastin and collagen. A protein web of collagen and elastin is responsible for keeping our skin tight and youthful. 
  • Some peptides stimulate fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin, thus promoting intensive cellular renewal in the skin. The regenerative effect is lasting and spectacular. 
  • Other rejuvenating peptides  facilitate the stress management of facial muscles and have an impact on the nervous system surrounding the muscles to relax the system of mimicry muscles, thus supporting the blood and nutrient supply and natural beauty of the skin.



Organic nanocrystals can be produced through the colloidal dissolution of metals, which are capable of energizing, vitalizing and normalizing the function of cells on a cellular level. The colloid crystal solutions contain pure nano metals suspended in deionized water without ionized metal particles. This technology is so innovative that its exact mechanism isn’t fully mapped out, only its positive effect can be realized through experiences. 

The solution of colloidal nano silver has a dark-eggplant color and is perfectly suitable for the cellular level purification of the skin and normalizing micro-organisms. The solution of colloidal gold has a ruby red color and makes the skin tight, brilliantly radiant and charged with life. The colloidal platinum solution has a silver color and supports the regeneration of DNA, reinforcing and rejuvenating the facial skin. Colloidal iridium supports the metabolism, tissue regeneration and rejuvenates the cells. Colloidal silicon plays a key role in the skin’s metabolism, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin and reducing the formation of wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin.

Precious, quality active agents form the basis of superb luxury-category cosmetics, yet what makes a product truly luxurious is by establishing the perfect harmony and maximum effectiveness of active agents through the right composition.
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