100% Natural

100% Natural

DRHAZI Hightech Natural Cosmetics - LIFE IS BORN from life

It comes from a natural origin and Organic farming and wild as far as possible, particularly gentle to humans and the environment - our cosmetics ingredients is 100%.


Why is it important to have a natural cosmetics?

The reaction to foreign substances in the body does not always allergies. In our toxic substances harmful to our skin is sensitive, which is quite normal defenses.


  • Your skin is in contact with many chemicals in the mornings? All day?
  • Did you unknowingly poisoned himself instead of the body care?


The skin is the largest organ in the body's first line of defense. Protect, protection from dehydration, temperature, infection and harmful substances from the body's most important functions of external influences. To get these functions adequately can see, we have to take care of it.

Despite the environment, world demand for natural anagen is becoming increasingly popular in many cases we tend to put our needs before our needs. Many times one - a seductive scent softened, although we know that unnatural and harmful to us.

When used in cosmetic products, which require a response, we are almost a sure bet that includes several components, which can damage the skin and thereby our health. An average woman in an average day average of 300 kinds of chemical poison takes you up on your skin.



It is difficult to establish whether indeed be 100% natural cosmetics in which we hold in our hands?

He said the natural cosmetics can usually be found in some synthetic ingredients? Why?


  • because there are few manufacturer who can produce 100% natural product
  • mainly because many manufacturers seek to raise profits and not for perfection, so will respond to the particular regulations that still allow the use of certain synthetic materials
  • because natural ingredients are much more expensive, X 10, X 20 or even cost more
  • because in many cases it will be the product of chemical substances with the best intentions, for example, most of the finished plant extracts contain chemical preservatives

Manufacturers great awareness and expertise you need to achieve the best quality of cosmetic products are created.

What are the main criteria of composition and purity of the preparation of cosmetics according to our views?

  •     made of natural ingredients
  •     raw materials pharmaceutical purity, and as far as possible from organic plant material, mainly used for cultivation
  •     Pollution and the use of solvent-free, cold-pressed vegetable oils are made
  •     avoid the use of harmful substances for optimal skin tolerance, the use of chemical and synthetic drugs
  •     We do not use synthetic coloring agents and perfumes
  •     Avoid the use of raw materials and oppose dead animal experiments carried out on animals
  •     We do not use genetically modified ingredients
  •     the shelf life of our products satisfy the plant extracts, distillates, modern production technology and aseptic packaging concept ensures hygienic
  •     suitable for hygienic and recyclable packaging materials are used

Most of the company's marketing effort aims to describe what is not in the products or silicone, parabens, mineral oil, and me as a conscious customers mainly interested in what's inside and what is in it for what they do.

So the next important question arises: How do we know what is harmful to our skin?

This is the only effective way to thoroughly read the crucible or packages can be found on the list, an official of the components of the product are listed (INCI Deklaration).

On the DRHAZI product range we carry on the full list of the ingredients of the product in a rolling down menu. When you click with the cursor on the active ingredient, you can check its function and effect.


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