The best anti-aging: sunscreen. A new, entirely natural innovation. Cellular-level DNA and physical protection and lovely skin! Our colored rejuvenating, sunscreens provide perfect coverage and real skin renewal with the power of 14 signal peptides.


Note your individual skin type | Balanced UVA-UVB protection in a ratio of 1: 3 | Immediate light protection | free from aluminum salts | Without nanotechnology | PEG and paraben free | Free from genetically modified organisms

Rejuvenating active agents in sunscreen products

It’s hard to make sense of the wide range of sunscreen products. It has become generally accepted by now that chemical sunscreens are to be avoided and that apart from their sunscreen properties, the other ingredients of such products are also of great importance. Consciously choosing modern beneficial active ingredients can help develop healthy, tanned skin

General, good sunscreen products are not harmful and ensure for the sunscreening of the skin, yet in order to ensure a truly high level of protection, it’s indispensible to provide for cellular-level high-tech active agents that support cellular metabolism and renewal. These can help fend off the drying, damaging effects of the sun and result in evenly tanned, glowing skin, thus preserving the skin’s beauty and flexibility along with rejuvenating high-tech sunscreen products that also nourish the skin’s layer of hydro-lipid film, reinforcing the skin’s protection and regenerating the skin’s structure on the cellular level. 

Which active agents help achieve this goal?

Natural sunscreen active agents

In order to establish balance, these substances reinforce the skin’s natural protection and inhibit environmental effects. These are plant-based active agents that provide natural protection and facilitate the even production of photoprotective brown melanin while inhibiting the production of harmful, photoagressive red melanin. The lycopene found in tomatoes is a vigorous skin-protective antioxidant, which is a carotene of sorts and supports the “inner” sunscreening of the cells. Annatto and carrot extracts prepare the skin for the impact of sunrays, protecting the skin from premature aging, facilitating the production of melanin and helping the skin preserve its brown tone for a longer period of time. Red algae extract, the resveratol of red grapes and the glycoin of the rose of Jericho are all anti UV-ray sunscreens as well as intensive, DNA-level skin protecting agents.


Active agents, antioxidants and DNA protectors offering cellular-level protection

The active agents of mimosa extract provide for the deep regeneration of skin tissues and hasten the production of collagen and elastin, which is key factor in the restoration of skin tissues. Additionally, the people of tropical and desert climates successfully apply essential oils against the harmful rays of the sun. We use them to naturally enhance the activity of sunscreen cosmetics, as they can fend off the DNA-damaging effect of UV rays. These include macadamia nut oil SPF6, jojoba oil SPF4, hemp seed oil SPF6, shea butter SPF6 and sea buckthorn seed oil SPF10. The enhanced sunscreen factors of products made with these oils are indicated with a “+” after the factor number. Apart from oils, the protection of cells is also supported by antioxidant plant-based active agents by neutralizing the free radicals appearing in the skin due to the UV rays. These include Vitamin E, Totarol, Vitamin C, Ferulic acid and White tea extract.

Modern physical sunscreens

Physical sunscreens are natural and safe alternatives. Their active agents include fine-powdered minerals (zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide), which form a protective layer on the surface of the skin and reflect or diffuse UV rays. The micronized nanoparticles of modern sunscreens are sheathed (dispersed) in a special proactive layer, therefore they remain transparent, yet are not absorbed through the skin.

It’s recommended to use 100% natural sunscreens with a rich composition, which supports the natural protection of the skin, with a high antioxidant and active agent content, thus providing cellular-level protection and safeguarding the skin with physical sunscreens.

1. For sunbathing DRHAZI Sunscreen oil 10+ use for no more than 1 hour in the morning and afternoon for a gradual and even tan and to provide the skin with natural sunscreen protection

2. For weekdays DRHAZI Oil-free sunscreen gel 30+  an oil-free sunscreen perfect for weekdays as it is leaves no sticky residue. Ideal for facial skin. It provides SPF30+ level of protection when used in a single layer or SPF50+ protection when applied in a double layer.

3. For the beach DRHAZI Sunscreen cream 50+  a superb sunscreen for intensive care with rejuvenating oils that hydrate, replenish and nourish the skin

4. For regeneration DRHAZI Cooling skin cream  provides natural UV protection and preserves tans, while nourishing the skin and superbly managing sunburns and inflamed skin

5. For rejuvenation DRHAZI Colored high-tech creams provide perfect coverage, sunscreen and natural, effective skin rejuvenation with the power of 14 different signal peptides