SENSBIO Made for the everyday care of normal, healthy facial skin, when there is no need for intensive skin regeneration. This represents the level of basic care offered by the DRHAZI product range, which includes skin-identical active agents, herbal and aroma therapy active ingredients. Nourishing, stabilizing skin-identical high-tech cosmetics for the everyday care of facial skin with a normal structure.

SENSBIO ANTI AGE – Rejuvenating facial care with high-tech skin-identical active agents for robust, vigorous skin with a healthy structure.

SENSBIO REGENERATING For the everyday care of problematic facial skin with a vigorous structure, when there is no need for intensive skin-building and the skin can be smoothed without nano signal peptide therapy.

These products contain no nano peptides, therefore they are not suitable for skin regeneration or building, yet the skin-identical active agents provide intensive care and stabilization for normal skin.