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Our cosmetics and skin care products are 100% natural, healthy and exceptional quality. Instead, we use valuable natural raw materials with excellent bioavailability. Therefore, our products are suitable for all skin types and are suitable by their pure natural ingredients also for vegetarians and vegans.

Through the selected DRHAZI Natural process® our products are manufactured particularly friendly and sustainable. Unlike manufactured at Industriel cosmetics and toiletries, this may mean that there are some changes in color, smell or consistency of the products. This is a natural process through the use of natural ingredients - opened products should be consumed about three months after opening.
Sustainability, also in product design:
Through our low-oxygen filling and a carefully selected package of conservation effort is kept very low. All contents are filled into pre-sterilized container quality and, thus are DRHAZI products free from germs, chemicals and synthetic preservatives. The "airless system", that is, the separation of packaged goods and ambient air, also ensures a germ-free and oxygen-protected storage - prior to first use it is necessary to pump the care product.

Storage & shelf life:
To ensure the consistency of natural products as well as a good application use, cosmetics and toiletries DRHAZI from excessively high temperatures or cold should be protected. Optimal storage is ensured at a temperature of 15-20 degrees.

Further information:
Inform yourself about the effect instance and preservation of produce, as well as the synthetic active ingredients and toxins in conventional cosmetics here.



  • Black Soap from Africa
  • Organic Rosemary water
  • Organic Neem oil
  • Karanja oil
  • Cocoglukosid
  • Gliceryl oleate
  • Organic Glycerin
  • Ihtyol
  • Cetearyl glucoside
  • Tea tree oil
  • Pure salt
  • Organic Rosemary oil
  • Organic Totarol
100% Natural. Genuine African black soap for smooth, blemish free skin. Ancient formula naturally breaks down dead skin revealing firmer, younger looking skin beneath. Due to the way black soap is made, the soap itself is slightly abrasive which makes for an excellent body scrub. The soap works superbly for those back and shoulder acne. Fatty alcohol derived from corn and coconut oil. Helps skin and hair retain moisture leaving a velvety feel while providing a smooth product consistency. Coconut, palm and glucose-derived ultra-mild surfactant system. Interacts with water to create bubbles to wash away dirt and oil from hair and skin. Sunflower oil, coconut and palm plant based modified oil. Balances cleansing of oils from hair and scalp. The Ihtyol is none other than the ichtiolit minerals obtained by dry distillation of "essential oils". Very good control sebaceous gland and wound-healing properties. Anti-inflammatory, epithelizing, antiseptic, sedative and vasoconstrictor agent. It has antimicrobial activity against several organisms. It is used in the treatment of herpes and scabies and demodex mite therapy. Glycerin is most widely used in skincare products because of its humectant properties, making it a great moisturizing agent. Glycerin attracts water to the skin, creating a positive / negative attraction allowing the skin to absorb much needed moisture easily. It is also used in cosmetics as a barrier, preventing moisture loss so the skin stays hydrated longer. Provides intensive antibacterial actions to prevent the spread of infectious material associated with acne, natural antiseptic. It’s well known anti-fungal and antibacterial properties serve as a natural treatment to many skin disorders and irregularities such as dryness, redness, flaky skin, blemishes, acne, dermatitis, eczema and even mild burns. It is also very beneficial in improving blood circulation; nourishment that makes it ideal for dry and mature skin. The two antioxidants found in the extract (caffeic acid and rosemarinic acid) prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals and thus help in the fight against skin aging. It cleans and smoothes the skin, stimulates microcirculation. Clean up the clogged pores. Remarkably good astringent. Cleaning and maintenance of mixed, oily or acne-prone skin is ideal. Provides preservative actions while acting as a gentle and non-irritating anti-bacterial ingredient in both gram positive and negative bacteria (proprionumbacterium acne is particularly sensitive to this extract), anti-viral, antioxidant, effectively reduces acne disturbances. 
 99.9% sodium chloride, skin antiseptic and astringent properties. Tea Tree Oil has wonderful properties that make it a popular natural agent for curing all three types of infectious organisms: fungus, bacteria, and virus. More importantly, it is known to effectively fight a number of infections that are resistant to some antibiotics. Therefore, Tea Tree Oil is an excellent natural remedy for hundreds of bacterial and fungal skin ailments such as acne, abscess, oily skin, blisters, sun burns, athlete's foot, warts, herpes, insect bites, rashes, dandruff and other minor wounds and irritations.


  1. Truly natural and/or organic cosmetics, meet ECOCERT Organic and Nature of requirements.
  2. We use solvent and pollution-free, cold-pressed vegetable oils
  3. Free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives
  4. Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicone and PEG's
  5. Dermatologically tested for compatibility
  6. Recovered raw materials, whenever possible from controlled- organic farming and under fair conditions


ACNE SKIN CARE with nanopeptids


100 ml 172 USD
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This creamy and velvety face cleanser is based on pure precious natural black soap, which gently removes dead epidermis and dirt without causing the skin to dry out. Its active ingredients are therefore able to reach the deeper layers of the skin and rejuvenate it through a deep but mild cleansing effect. The pH level of the skin gets stabilized and the skin becomes naturally hydrated.

Highly efficient active ingredients such as ichthyol and active medicinal plants have a keratolytic, soothing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect on the skin. When used regularly the complexion will improve and skin irritations will be reduced.

When used regularly the complexion will improve and skin irritations will be reduced.

Organic Totarol - is an antimicrobial substance that is also nature’s super antioxidant. Totarol is three times as potent as Vitamin E and it can help neutralize free radicals that cause skin aging as well as help prevent infections.



Neem oil - Karanja oil - Vegetable emulsifier - Hydrating Herbal surfactants - DRHAZI Hydrating Complex (Urea, Sodium PCA, Sorbitol, Level 4 Hialuronic Acid, Lactic Acid) - Ichtyol - Pure salt  - Organic Totarol 1%


Natural essential oils: Organic Peppermint oil, Tea Tree Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil

Fragrance: natural fragrance, fresh scent

Packaging: 100% protection by airless - system - The innovative airless dispenser includes the product airtight and so prolongs the shelf life. The system allows the complete emptying of the contents. Does not constitute a danger to aquatic organisms.
100 ml 172 USD
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hightech natural skin therapy

Made with certified ingredients

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