The DRHAZI products represent an entirely new branch of beauty care. As they’re 100% natural, active agent cosmetics, they are also unique, professional, cellular-level medicosmetics. They represent a transition between cosmetics and dermatology.

Grouping by skin care steps helps you create a blend of DRHAZI high-tech cosmetics for your ideal home ritual.


With our 100% pure hightech-natural, chemical-free cosmetics, we recommend that treatments be based on both outer beauty and inner beauty. This holistic method rejuvenates your face, body and mind.

Based on the DRHAZI concept, the skin is hydrated during the day, providing protection for the facial skin, whilst filling the deeper layers of the skin overnight. We recommend a nighttime oleogel with toning milk, ensuring that the cream emulsifier is not applied on the skin, despite a skin-identical composition. This fills up the dermis layers of the skin, eliminating deep layer dehydration. We also utilize an intensive serum, which acts as a kind of liquid skin that contains structuring active agent ingredients used both night and day.

The effective nanopeptides we utilize are supplied to the skin on a cellular level, thus an essential condition of DRHAZI skincare is that no chemicals or harmful materials are applied on the skin, either in the form of cosmetics or makeup.