Interview with Edina Dr Hazi

Interview with DRHAZI research and development

I believe holistic lifestyles can establish balance in life

Continually smiling and exuding positivity, which she carries over to her work – it’s as if the creams she prepares are also smiling when we use them, healing the soul along with our skin. Such is the philosophy of Dr. Edina Hazi, founder of the DRHAZI brand.  


What is the process behind the creation of a product?

It starts with a need, in the form of a symptom. Then I start researching the symptom in question and the causes behind it and devise a treatment. This is followed by the development of the cosmetic product that supports the elimination of the causes of the symptom. My goal is always the same: to find beneficial solutions with the use of active agents, which is why I develop 100 percent natural cosmetics. This is a great challenge and it makes the production process highly complicated. The manufacturing of the products I make cannot be mechanized and can only be done manually. This makes their mass production impossible, including the possibility of attaining a high level of profit. Still, my priority is to maintain the level of quality and apply a maximum dosage of high-tech active agents. Perhaps that’s the foundation of the DRHAZI luxury quality.


Do you develop and prepare all the products yourself? 

Yes. This involves a great deal of responsibility and is often a burden. We manufacture over 100 different cosmetics and naturally, I wouldn’t have to prepare most of them myself. Yet I still choose to do so, because it is precisely the manufacturing process that allows me to continuously develop and research new active agents and technological steps. It allows me to maintain continuous ties with the research and development. That is also why I perform most of the facial diagnostics at the salons and monitor the holistic therapies myself because it provides me with a continuous impulse for development.


What materials do you work with? 

We use over 600 different natural active agents. I love herbal and aroma therapies. We order plants from all over the world and prepare all the extracts ourselves in order to ensure they are chemical-free. DRHAZI cosmetics are based on skin-identical active agents and liposomes, yet the most precious substances are the special complexes made from biotechnological nanopeptides and colloid crystal therapy. I do my best to use all the active agents in a maximum dosage. The greatest challenge is to create formulas that yield the most intensive effect, while ensuring that the skin tolerates the intensive active agents.


What is your vision of the future of the beauty industry? 

Fortunately, there have been many positive developments over recent years. I particularly see two developing trends. One focuses on maximizing efforts to cover up or mask the symptoms, whilst the other direction – which I represent as well – is aimed at treating the causes and focuses on harmonious, comprehensive beauty. I feel both of these are highly important approaches, depending on the various needs of the individuals.



You’re always smiling and have a positive attitude. What’s your secret? 

I love living and love to give love and I do my best to handle the difficulties with ease. I hope I will always manage to do so!

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